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What drives our spirit is innovation - creating the next generation solutions that take the business world beyond success. We are focused on thinking further than what’s expected, and this is how we are always proposing fresh solutions/approaches to the existing challenges.

We started our story in 2012 with few people and an idea. Today we are a multinational company that continuously delights the customers with services and products in an agile and business-value-first approach. With a strong belief of the capacity of our people, we are more than sure that the synergy of their creativity and expertise can make us the ultimate world class role model of a software development company. Every project that we started, created new opportunities for our people to reach even greater goals and knowledge.

We help over 1200 customers worldwide to efficiently achieve their goals.

Innovation, growth, work with different clients, show and apply variety of skills, expanding the knowledge and expertise. This is only a summary of the opportunities MicroGame Group offers to people who want to join.

MicroGame Group is a company that cares and constantly develops, builds and invests in its employees' knowledge, courage, imagination and responsibility. A company with employees which are bound with their commitment and trust and will achieve more and better than the company goals. It is a company of leaders.

Our experience of over 10 years in software development, consulting and outsourcing projects, ranked us highly in designing, developing and implementing betting software solutions, system integration and customer care and support. Over these years we have proved that we are a strong market player and knowledge source, and we have developed strong academic relations in all countries where our development hubs and offices are set. 

Every person and every division in our company is enchanted with one single, very strong passion: to keep on providing the business world with the artistic solutions and winning services.

MicroGame Group is an innovative multinational company that enables organizations achieve high business performance by implementing high quality, enterprise-ready software products, services and solutions. We take an active part across several industries by sharing and expanding our extensive knowledge and deep expertise and turning it into valuable asset that help our partners and clients reach their business goals.

 To have every member of the Seavus team acquire, expand and use the knowledge in order to transfer it to the stakeholders through our products and services.

MicroGame Group is an active part of the ever-changing society, based on knowledge and innovation. Through sharing and expanding knowledge and by turning it into products and services, we empower our partners to achieve their goals in their community.

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